Sobre los tiroteos en Dallas

So I've been following the whole police issue back in the US. I haven't heard anyone mention this, no analyst, no politician, no one, and maybe I'm wrong but I can't help but feel as if this whole issue sort of mirrors what has been happening in El Salvador for a while. Some of you have read about the rising in violence last year, and one of the unspoken reasons for this was a number of attacks on policemen and army.

Now, you can simplify the whole issue and talk about gang violence, which is not a terribly skewed view, but then again, you also have the big issue of abuse of authority happening in a systematic way, and directed towards youth in urban and rural areas of El Salvador. It's not only gangs who terrorize youth, but the authority. Then the youth organize and start retaliating against a problem that can be solved in a different matter. The US, too, has wounds too deep that span from hundreds of years, and needs to heal them before moving on, instead of supossing that things will be okay if we don't address them. Violence from one side to the other will form a cycle as long as we keep calling on racism and social classes and all these good-hearted attempts on justice that insist of standing on this sense of otherness that separates us based on social constructs.

If these events don't serve to prove the fact that social constructs cannot save humanity and bring about a real sense of justice and morality, and the fact that we have to turn to trascendence in oter to make sense of who we are and our real value as human beings, then we're doomed to repeat these issues over and over again.

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