Post Inception

A post,

about a post,

about a post,

about a post...

in a dream.

About a post, about a post, about a post. You get the idea.



"One could almost wax poetic, but we will keep such ambitious ideas for a future day."
-Sir Henry Morton Stanley - How I Found Livingstone


Unicorn trap

For we've made ourselves a good trap
Based on what we know about unicorns
With the only issue being that they
Know our ideas and scorns
So they stay away, play and nap



Commence life undone,
For it is not gravity
But readiness here.



Dreaming wide awake
Expecting for the right time
To dream fast asleep


The Game

A tight rope of qualm over
Dance in playful talks



Beautiful moments
When beauty of the broken
Turns into wonder



Hamlet, climb the fort
Looking for Shakespeare to come
And edit your soul

“When a Russian cosmonaut returned from space and reported that he had not found God, C. S. Lewis responded that this was like Hamlet going into the attic of his castle and looking for Shakespeare.” –Timothy Keller, The Reason for God (New York: Dutton, 2008), 122.


Give to me music
So I can make it real
And play it for you.



"Cool head, agile mind";
And that fragile train of thought
vanishes within

Sneak Peak

That which you are not,
I see it, I know it too:
Who you really are


090 → Forgive and Forget

It's a long process
More than what meets our plain eyes
Saying "I forgive you".


089 → Writers' Yield

Ideas back and forth
Come to a peacefully end:
Final yielding thought.


088 → Zero Sum

All buyers beware:
He who buys it all and naught
Spends but ends even.


087 → Sailing

Dwelling overseas
Steering, dodging--wondering
Why we came along


086 → Consciousness

That little voice --
Whispering, confrontating
'Till truth comes to terms


085 → Finding You

Thunder, earthquake, flames
but rather whisper within:
beat of my heart.

In this Sargasso Sea of fantasy and fraud, how can I or anyone else hope to swim unencumbered? How can I learn to see through, not with the eye? Take off my own motley, wash away the makeup, raise the iron shutter, put out the studio lights, silence the sound effects and put the camera to sleep? Watch the sun rise on Sunset Boulevard, and set over Forest Lawn?

Find furniture in the studio props, silence in a discotheque, love in a strip tease? Read truth off an auto cue, catch it on a screen, chase it on the wings of muzak? View it in living color with the news, hear it in living sound along the motorways? Not in the wind that rent the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks; not in the earthquake that followed, nor in the fire that followed the earthquake. In a still, small voice. Not in the screeching of tires, either, or in the grinding of brakes; nor in the roar of jets or the whistle of sirens, or the howl of trombones, or the rattle of drums, or the chanting of demo voices. Again, that still, small voice - if one could catch it.

--Malcolm Muggeridge, The Green Stick: A Chronicle of Wasted Years.


084 → You Are

Who said you were not?
But you are, you are, for sure,
Who you said you were.


083 → Eons-Lasting

Disregard right now,
Because being is not today;
'I am' is always.


082 → Lagger

Freedom takes a while
Whereas bondage makes a feast
Within all closed minds


081 → Concidences

I hold your hand every day
For your enjoyment


080 → Right

Above it all, I
Need to be the right person
For my right person


079 → Plethora

Many could there be
But there can only be one
The one seriously.


078 → Selective blindness

Say, will you base on
"Not what is but what isn't"
Denial of truth?


077 → Together

Everything today
Greatest matter not; I want
To be t here with you.


076 → Image

After mirror seen,
Then your self gone— done forgone?
Be keen in true self.


075 → Misled

You're the perfect match!
Of time-space ethereal;
Maybe just not now.


074 → Anti Search

Why would you return?
What you yearn is right in front
Whom you sought, out there.


073 → Stance

What else but moral
Is the path for a person
To steer through life?


072 → Eternal First-Timer

Now matter how old
Life is about tries of bold,
Gold in steps ahead.


071 → Depleted

When lights are turned off
Minds will go on regardless
Apparent brain death


070 → Confusion

Wrong is called right
And right mistaken as wrong.
Truth, rather, prevails.


069 → Ailment

Ready to take ail,
But not to endure it all.
Sickness is no fun.


068 → Neglect

Matter not reason
Blindness by omission is
The worst kind of all


067 → The Present

Instead of yearning,
I look at eternity
Being here, right now

"Hence nearly all vices are rooted in the future. Gratitude looks to the past and love to the present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look ahead."


066 → Meager Richer

Find yourself with less
To value riches of true;
Not soul-luring wealth.


065 → Incubation

Like music from within
Soundness comes at ease on times
After a long wait.


064 → Threshold

Enter point in time
For yielding to increasing
Obviousness of truth


063 → Is It True Love?

Look around, my dear
Unless it comes from inside
Nothing will come near.


062 → Desire

Never felt so prone
Of giving in to the drive:
To bide at the throne


061 → Sensational

Feeling supreme brings,
But virtue of open eyes
Not-so-good sometimes.


060 → The Search

I went all around
But never found anything
Like you, truly you.


059 → Le Destination

Ce que j'ai souhaité:
Tout de suite c'est ne veux pas.
Plutôt, calme fleuve.


058 → The Aftermath

Once there is fire,
Things turn-a-burn lair for sure:
Enter the new state.

This is not what you think. Seriously.


057 → Head On! ←

Hold on a second:
Insignificant thou seem--
To that blazing fire.

Epic day to remember. Thank you for believing in me, believing in you.


056 → What A Fire!

That which blazes so
If not for bright to and fro
All but light to know



055 → Longing

I've been waiting so,
Yes, I waited here for you.
And you fulfilled it.


054 → Longing

Great outburst of trust
Comes as a must have therein
Waiting just for you


053 → Single Serving Life

Brevity of life
Despite a short-lived friendship
Never cease to be.

AKA: Awesome week with Bruce Willis.


052 → Graceful Fav

Time will pass; I won't.
So write it  down and teach it well,
Because it'll be.


051 → You And Me

What I do for you,
I do what you do-- I do;
For you do, I do.


050 → Worked Up!

Swing, fly, run around;
Must work--must work hard, my friend!
It'll be worth it.


049 → Well Played!

When mission precedes
Everything else that succeeds
Tastes then so sweet


048 → Reciprocal

"Good to have you here"
Had me happy all day long.
Glad to be here, too!


047 → Ami Anugata!, I Am The Obedient Warrior

I will only rest
When the hearts of the oppressed--
Come to reach the sky


045 → Perfection

Regrettable time
Spent on making sure life
Shone instead of worked.


044 → Loads

Keep them on your back
Until someone takes them off.
Then forsake for good.


043 → Lost Time

Never came back:
That for which I fought so much;
Neither needed now.


042 → Decisions

Here's how you will pick:
Think of something to believe in.
Call it true, don't blink;
When you decide, truth pristine,
Outcomes won't matter; all-in.



¡                            !

Cayó el árbol en medio del bosque pero nadie estaba para escucharlo.

El ruido fue tan ensordecedor que nadie oyo todo, mientras que todo resonó como nunca.

El árbol se disculpó por el ruido aunque nadie se quejara; sabía que era lo correcto por hacer.

The Wisdomy Vine 04

So what if I told you that
you're determined to end?
Wouldn't you have to deny yourself
and everything there is
In order to find other than your own
for freedom be enjoyed not alone.

041 → Milestones

Don't revert; it's done.
What you see now done, it's done;
Though nay set on stone.
Up to here. Full stop. Went blown:
Beautiful life from here on.


040 → Infinite Sappiness

I wonder what they think
If they have what's needed known
On pink-hearted roam.


039 → Note Key

Pluck, bend or press hard;
Music will sound anyways
Depending on who hears.


038 → Tired

Lack of strenght thereof
And many things together
They just don't mix well


037 → 1541461

I sent to entrust
Truth, so others be free
And freedom therein
To restore that which was lost
And to enjoy life with thee


036 → Letting Go

Inmensely helpful
Is to let things go as fast
As they fade away


035 → Persistence

Only is worth attention
If darn persistent


034 → The Back

Gotta watch your back
Otherwise no one will do
Unless there's some catch


033 → Time

Timeless eons' pass
For a clockwork mind like ours
For it passes; then comes.


032 → Truth

Nothing harder here
Than having proof disproved
On basis of hate.


031 → κοινωνία

Yow, how swift and neat
All bound chillin' together,
Tether no nether
Rather, heavenly feather
Bounding it all real quite 133t


030 → Pathway

Find thrive of your own:
Then subdue it to justice.
Repeat and then rinse.


029 ← Fellowship

Don't watch your own back
If there's others -- for you
To keep you intact


028 → Mindset

Keep things as they are
By watching others go by
Try moving pieces.
So then, you find out what was
To occur yet-not-so-fast.


027 → So Long

Let it go right trough,
That haunting glimpse of mayhem
Just past, the past past.


026 → Communicative Effectiveness

Message is alive
To thrive, fly; talk-in-disguise;
Which makes this so hard
Find the hidden meaning in
All uttered words that mattered.


025 → Tanka: Hold That Punchline

What if I told you
That you waylaid here in vain
Right before the end?
I would stop here and go back
Embracing hope and rest, friend.


024 → Minus One

I'm a patient boy
And I wait, I wait, I wait.
For that closing line.


023 → Unbeliever

No need for others
To regard me as honest
As long as I know.


022 → Consistency

Plain assiduity
Comes from really doing more
Than really needed.


021 → Wrench

Can turn out as enemy
Of reality.


020 → Side Effects

For wrong decisions
It don't matter if well-meant
Breaks ill others' hearts

Es una gran responsabilidad eso de dar.


Andando y caminando

El otro día me di una vuelta a pie por San Salvador. Algunas de las cosas más interesantes que noté son:

- Nadie anda a pie. En serio, nadie. La gente que camina, parece hacerlo por tramos cortitos. No sé si sentirme viejo o qué, pero yo de niño aprendí a caminar por toda la ciudad. Ahora es algo que solo se hace en algunas zonas del país, y por periodos cortos de tiempo.

- Caminando se siente que esta ciudad es graaande. En serio, especialmente con nuestro bello clima a mediodía. Terrible.

- Quizá por la cantidad de años que tengo de no andar a pie (en los últimos ha sido por buses, carros, etc.), no había pensado en que los ríos y quebradas son un ecosistema totalmente diferente dentro de la ciudad. Hemos excluído a la gente que no queremos ver, para que no sea vista en nuestras calles. Y después nos preguntamos por qué el ambiente social es como es.

Displaying 20140102_120910.jpg

019 → Penumbrae

Yearning for that light
When times require patience:
Knowledge precedes joy.


018 → Confesión

La publicación
De varios haikus acá
Va atrasada.

Ya, ni modo. Todos los haikus que terminan en 11:59 van publicados con un día de atraso. Así es la vida bloguera.


017 → Antidialéctico

Así la palabra es
Casi imagen.

"(...) À medida que a ciência vai combatendo ideologias, vai ela própria absorvendo imagens e se ideologizando"


016 → Contrapeso

Opposing forces
Full force and radiant logos
Bring conscience of truth

No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good. A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. After all, you find out the strength of the German army by fighting against it, not by giving in. You find out the strength of a wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down. A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in. We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it (...). --Clive Staples L.


015 → Graceful

Bottomless black pit
Will come to witness for sure
Boundless bright exit