Actuando dandy en la Campus Party

No puedo quejarme de todo lo que ha pasado en la Campus Party, realmente ha sido un trip bastante bueno. Tanto, que decidí al fin hacer un post al respecto. Sí, yo sé que cualquier excusa es buena para postear, así que me rindo. Bah, como sea.

Encima de todo, tengo que admitir que cuando me dijeron que no había sido admitido para ir, me la pasé diciendo "ni quería ir", pero yo mismo me sorprendí de la ridícula felicidad que me vino encima cuando me invitaron en el último minuto. Claro, tengo tareas, exámenes y demás, pero en serio: ¿qué mejor excusa para no hacerlos? Y heme acá, sentado a la 1:32 am en una sala con un frío infernal (en el caso hipotético de que el infierno se congele), haciendo lo mismo que paso haciendo en mi casa, pero en frente de 500 personas más. ¿Emocionante, eh? Eso pensé.

Como sea, al punto. A nadie realmente le importa que viniera un astronauta, el director de Harry Potter o la Reina de España. Nah. Lo único que mis amigos me pasan preguntando por el mésenyer, es si hay mujeres buenas en el evento. Y sí, las hay. En realidad, hay decenas de mujeres paseándose por todos lados, y no puedo imaginarme el tipo de pick-up lines que todos estos geeks usan para ganárselas. Así que poniéndome en su lugar, voy a intentar imaginarme algunas de estas:

1. Hola sexy, te hice un mix CD con distros de linux para que me recuerdes *wink wink*.

2. Hola, no tienes un par de discos en blanco que te sobren --y de paso, ¿serías mi novia?

3. Nena, ven acá y te enseño lo que significa estar con un hombre de verdad fan de debian.

4. Hola, ¿juegas Counter Strike a menudo?

5. Hola... ¿Te casarías conmigo?

6. Tu twitter me dice tanto sobre tí, excepto tu nombre.

7. Hey nena, ¿qué tan open es tu source?

8. Hey, bonita laptop. ¿Tu casa o la mía?

9. Estás fea, pero valoro tu aprecio por el software libre.

Pizza&Blogs 2008

Avanzando con la Campus Party, al final de un día bastante ameno, llegamos a la hora de la convivencia de blogueros iberoamericanos. Algo así como la de los presidentes, pero con cervezas y con temas un poco más livianos para discutir.

Pizza&Blogs, sin duda, fue un momento bastante ameno para divertirnos un rato entre amigos. Sin importar el tipo de blogs, parece que todos tenemos la misma adicción para perder el tiempo con estas cosas. Lo bueno, es que lo disfrutamos. (:

Acá les dejo la lista de contactos del evento. Si alguno de ustedes desea añadir algún dato, o aunque no hayan asistido quisieran formar parte de la comunidad de blogueros de Campus Party, escríbanme a snipe@snipedia.net. Espero que sigamos en contacto, y gracias por un rato ameno entre amigos.

Actualización (¡gracias a Pixel!)
La lista de los asistentes:
Rafael Monge, Stefany Jovel, Rodrigo Amaya, Roberto Cerna, Edwin Alvarado, Óscar Hernández, Héctor Rodríguez, Offray Luna, Hugo Miranda, Juan Ortega, Roberto Linares, Marlon Melara, René Contreras, José Elías, David Cadenas, Orid Ribera, Raúl Martín, David Mejía, Álvaro Quesada, Inti Pérez, Jonan Basterra, Ferràn Arricivita, Eduardo Ávila , Gustavo Reyes, Rubén Araiza Wicochea, Rocío Yamileth Barrera, Freddy Mujica, Paolo Pernia, Javiera Valenzuela, Carola Css, Daniel Rodrigo, Norman García Aguilar, Norcecy Centeno Membreño, Joan Guerrero, Decacross, Yyeshua, Noelbu, MadGab, Darkmanfred


The Happy Dog

En el aniversario de la trágica muerte de OiNK, no dejo de preguntarme qué será de la industria de la música dentro de algunos años. Me encanta pensar cómo ahora existe un grupo de personas que se rehusa a seguir las reglas, por lo que creen que es moralmente correcto desde su punto de vista. A pesar de todo, probablemente estamos al punto en el cual la industria ya no necesitará los medios de distribución obsoletos de hoy en día.

Les presento esta entrevista con The Happy Dog, una banda de folk de los EE.UU. que ha ganado la fama por medio de la promoción de su música en formato lossless por medio del sistema de BitTorrent.

Interview with Jesse Wagner from The Happy Dog
As far as The Happy Dog are concerned, there are no limits to spreading the word out about their music. And if giving their albums away for free is what it takes for you to listen to this great band from Pennsylvania, USA, so be it! I recently managed to chat with Jesse Wagner, the writer, singer and guitarist for The Happy Dog, about their current projects, and their filesharing experience.

What's the musical concept behind The Happy Dog?
I don't think that will ever be settled on. Things are constantly changing so much in life and influences that it is hard to decide on one single identity. The internet has a tendency to either expand your perspective, or kick your ego in the ass. There are all these swarms of great writers, painters, orators, etc. that are flowing springs just waiting to be tapped. They set up these paths of influence for those who enjoy or identify with what they have done. Some people find and create a new path at the end of the path they have been given. These new paths are created by accident or by drive. Just when the last human boundary (whether it be artistic, political, economical, theological, physical etc.) has been marked, someone is going to try and pass it, and people will keep doing that until we are all gone. Today things are moving so rapidly, new ideas get to your head in minutes not days. How long did it take a new song to get to a listener in the early 1900's? The song had to be lucky enough to be found, then it had to be recorded; then pressed. Then the lucky ones were distributed, and maybe it fell into the right hands after having travelled for months. Today, you can write it and distribute it in the time it takes you to record and press send the Enter key. someone in Tokyo can be turned on to something that was born in Ontario in less than a minute. We are just beginning to see this effect reshape music. immediate global influence. so i guess what i am trying to say is that we like the idea of Standing on the shoulders of these new giants even if some of these giants are ants. We like the idea of folding tradition or boiling the present. We hope that people will stay by our side and love what comes next from us because it will not repeat itself. Why would you want to settle on a single sound when you can be a chorus?

Who are The Happy Dog?
There are different musicians and friends that help comprise the band. Currently the band has been working in quartet format, with Joe Falcey on Drums, Jon Stenger on Keys, Keith Snyder on Bass, and me on the guitar, Rocky Golby as our productor, and Daniel McGonigal from Saint of Tritonix Studios.

Tell me a bit about the history of the band. How did you get together and started playing?
We were lucky enough to have a kind Santa-like man named Bob Long in our area. He took from his own money and financed a place for underage kids to develop their music at a venue called Frolics. Without that place, none of our music would have happened.

Where do you play regularly? (I mean geographical places, if you travel to gigs, if you play on local spots, etc.).
We have been playing at festivals in the northeast of the U.S.

Are you related to any local scene, or a specific genre?
there are a few bands out there that are dear friends. Hezekiah Jones is my friend Ralph's
brilliant creation. Si Senorita are like family in a lot of ways. As for our style of playing, we are frequently compared to Wilco, Ween, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd and The Beatles for various reasons. I think our live shows take on a more improvisational spirit that could be compared to The Grateful Dead.

What is the main message behind your music?
I have been kicking this around a lot lately. The problem is that most people are only going to hear what they want to hear. That kind of puts a lead weight on the idea of having a message, but to be honest, no matter what you say, it's going to be processed through everyones lenses and filters. at first, this was a disheartening revelation. Then it became clear that it is actually a beautiful gift. You can imply things through your lyrics that paint abstract larger symbols much like a dream paints an emotion. You can let the thread of message be as blurry as you want and it will always come out as clear as it ever would have. I'd really like to have the ability of Dylan to write so eloquently as those grand tales of history and fate. I admire Jeff Tweedy, from Wilco, for writing simple songs, or a drunken ramble; yet still retaining a voice that is comprehendable.

What are your current projects?
We are in the studio working on creating the best album we can. I am looking forward to collaborate with Hezekiah Jones and Tin Bird Choir. We are also toying around with releasing some unfinished business in a few months.

One of the most interesting aspects of your band is the fact that you've been uploading your music on private music sites. How and when did you come up with that idea?
We released an old demo on this torrent site and it took off (we now have over five thousand snatches), from there it was a no-brainer. I think it is impossible that we were the first to do this, so I can't take credit. I think we've just realized how lucky we got.

What has been the response of the people on these sites about your music?
Extremely exciting. it is an honor to have so much support after years of toiling in the dark. I truly feel a great bit of debt to anyone who has rewarded us with their attention. I cannot stress how wonderful that makes us feel. Even if it is just a fleeting wave, it has made it all worth it. The amount of praise we have recieved is unjust, you people are nuts!

Is this different to the response from people IRL?
What it has done is create an idea that is actually bigger than the sum of its parts. In real life, people won't look unless someone else is pointing. We have been lucky enough to have more than our share of respect in flesh, but this internet thing is a whole different beast. The audience is so much more varied in its taste, there is so much more chance that you will find a friendly tongue in the strangest of places.

Why did you decide to freely distribute your music, instead of just focusing on selling your albums like most bands do nowadays?
It just makes more sense. I would love to go to a show where you could walk in and enjoy the music, and then pay what you want on the way out. Why should there be a toll keeper at the gate to your creativity? Personally, I'd rather have the ears. Don't get me wrong, The money would be great, but it's the listeners what really matter in the end. If each life is a stone to cast, why charge to have ten people watching the wave when you can have ten thousand people there to hear the ripple? economically speaking, you are still being payed in ghost dollars...

What are your thoughts so far on your decision? What are the positive aspects of it?
So far, I am loving it. Maybe it will lead to a day when we can dedicate all our time to that which we love. Not just the cycle, not just the music. But life.

What are the negative aspects of it?
I can't really think of anything that is particularly negative. I guess it would be nice to have the financial backing to pull off bigger and better things, but I am very happy to have the opportunity to even be involved in an interview that would ask such a question. Understand?

I do, I do! So do you think that sharing your music on the web is a good strategy for your band to get known or famous?
Who knows? Anything is possible! It has already done a great deal for us. We were even offered a couple of contracts and such. A tour is developing in Europe in the not so distant future. I guess we've proven it's possible.

Is filesharing, for you as a band, a way of saying you don't expect any profit from what you do, or do you think you can still make money while sharing?
Both. Like i said and i truly mean it, I'd rather have the ears. This life is nothing when spent alone, and I hope that we are being responsible with the voice we have been given. And if the people see it fit to help support us, all the better. It's going to come back to them anyway. I kind of like the idea of the people being empowered... actually, I love it.

What are your band's musical influences?
These artists: Beach House, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Neil Young, Hezekiah Jones, Bob Dylan, Wilco, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Daniel Johnston, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead and John Coltrane, among others.

What albums are you digging right now? I'd like you to recommend a couple of albums from your current playlist.
Bob Dylan Bootleg Series
Beach House - Devotion
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Master and Everyone
The Beatles - Rubber Soul

What are your future projects as a band? What can we expect from you in a couple of years?
A folk country album, an electronic album, a kids album, an album for a hospice.

What do you expect to achieve on the long run? What is the dream you've set for The Happy Dog?
We would love to eventually have a sustainable venue: solar power, local brew, local food. And at least one album that outlives our bodies.

who would you rather see win a fight: a happy dog or a jolly sheep?
Neither. I wish they would just relax.



AIM Suckea

Pero a la vez, rulea. Qué genial estar perdiendo el tiempo mientras se deberían hacer tareas, y sentirse famoso por un rato.


Marketing dental

Existe un momento en mi vida --cada tres meses-- en el que soy infeliz: los cepillos de dientes me da grima. No es que mi hábito de lavarme los dientes más de lo necesario me moleste, ni andar con mi pasta de Bob Esponja adonde sea que vaya --Bob es cul. Todo tiene que ver con sentirme estresado al momento de tomar mi decisión.

Ah, claro. ¿Cómo no estar seguro de cuál es el mejor? Sencillo: todos son los mejores. Sí, claro, todos. Y con eso me refiero a los suaves, duros, grandes, pequeños, giratorios, plegables, eléctricos, flexibles, manuales, zigzag, Tré Flip, masajeadores, con cerdas microscópicamente moldeados por computadora para tener puntas suaves, los antibacteriales...

Realmente no me importa que la NASA lo diseñe, que Phelps lo use, o que mi dentista lo recomiende. Lo único que quiero es lavarme los dientes y ser feliz.

Los cepillos de dientes son estúpidos.



El logro de metas nos hace siempre mejores personas, o al menos, eso es lo que me gusta pensar. Muchas veces tener metas no es lo más importante para lograr lo que nosotros deseamos. Más increíble aún, tener determinación y constancia tampoco garantiza el logro de nuestras metas. Me ha tomado tanto tiempo el darme cuenta de lo cierto de esto. Todo está en la habilidad estratégica para visualizarnos en el futuro distante. La pregunta del millón es entonces: ¿Qué tan distante?

La distancia es el secreto para la correcta colocación de las metas. Una meta demasiado lejana nos dejará con miles de caminos por seguir, mientras que una meta a muy corto plazo no nos dará la libertad para desarrollarnos. La constancia y la determinación son simplemente lo que nos mantiene en el camino correcto, y son importantes, pero no hay nada como saber poner las metas que realmente necesitamos. Así es como funciona esto.

¿A qué viene el tema? No lo sé. Quizá sea porque al fin me puse a jugar con el 43things un rato. No puedo creer que al fin logré arreglar mi cuarto y mantenerlo por más de un día. O quizá sea porque decidimos con la Virginia que deberíamos aprender francés y portugués, porque he decidido bajar quince libras, o por al fin tocar Virtual Insanity casi como se debe. Por último, será porque hace un año estaba triste con el editor idiota de la revista esa que no quiso publicar mi artículo de juguete, y ahora estoy a punto de ser dueño y editor de mi propia revista, con escritores profesionales y ese tipo de cosas. Será.


Apparent Sickness

Mi pista es la que suena justamente al inicio. No hay adonde perderse.

Y ya no vuelvo a joder a nadie para que la escuche. xd

P.D.: Los que saben, ahora entienden por qué me tardo tanto en postear. Llevo cuatro meses preparando esta entrada estúpida. Estúpida, sin duda.