I think there are times in life when you stop moving around, and you actually start looking for directions. It's most certainly not a bad thing, but it's not so good either; it's just one of those things that will happen sooner or later, and will ultimately end up defining your course in life. I mean, planning is one of the most distressful and difficult actions in the life of a person. It's so difficult, that people need years of studies or experience to be qualified to do it. And everyone has to do it sooner or later.

It doesn't look as such a difficult feat to perform. You just have to say yes or no, right or left, blue or red. This butterfly-effect-like deterministic approach to life tends to tire out anyone. What should be done? Where are we headed? Are we actually going to succeed? Decisions must be taken, and fast. Planning isn't something that should overwhelm anyone. It shows the power and determination a person possess. And the sooner we show it, the better. If you take your time, you might just be doing wrong.

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Wendy Q. dijo...

yes, u're right, but if u want to rush things or make quick desitions you might end with more problems that u had actually! and of course if u think deeply about them u get better results

[Shein] dijo...

Rush = troubles
Think = Better than rushing everything.

Things works better when u stop just one seccond to think about every single possibility of mess that you can get. When u look that, and u understand that, u can choose almost a bit more easy the best thing that u can do.

The only things that u don't have NEVER to think (and rush, btw) are the love stuff.
Everything else, must be thought.

Good luck, Snipe.